Music City Method

Empowering new and experienced fashion designers to pursue their vision and find powerful resources.

Start your fashion journey

We built this community of aspiring fashion designers in order to help empower them to succeed and bring their visions to life.

Music City Method (MCM) is your community and we're here to support you! We've met so many fashion designers who were struggling with the answer to the question:

 "How do I get started?"

What will you learn inside the group?

  • Basics of starting a fashion design brand

  • On-demand answers to your toughest questions

  • What the design and development process looks like - in detail!

  • Monthly LIVE chats with one of our designers

  • Industry tips/tricks and analysis

  • Discounts on design services!

Is this group for you?

Beginning Fashion Designers

If you're just getting started on your fashion journey this group is PERFECT for you. Our passion is teaching others how to be successful in this industry. We have a combined 40+ years of industry experience and we will help guide you as best we can to achieve your dreams. 

Experienced Fashion Designers

This group is also great for fashion designers who are more experienced! Some of our tips/tricks and industry insight are specifically targeted to those who have some years of design already on their resume and are looking to expand their knowledge or simply have constructive conversations. 

Who has our team worked with?

Some of the major brands we've helped are...


Do I have to have prior experience to join? 

Not at all! We're first and foremost here for those who are just starting their design journey. You can join this group with ZERO industry experience and get a LOT out of it! However, if you do have some prior experience that is great too! We're always looking to build connections with strong designers with a passion for helping others achieve their dreams. 

What will I learn?

This community is all about you! We have plenty of resources to help you get started on DAY ONE of joining MCM. We have articles, blog posts, templates, guides, and past AMA sessions with our designers and project manager. As you continue to become involved with the community you'll also benefit from interacting LIVE with one of our designers in a monthly session. 

Can I cancel?

Absolutely! We would hate to see you go but you can always cancel your membership. 

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